Bernd Armbruster

Optimizing your Software Development Processes

My Experience and Expertise

In nearly 15 years of software development, I’ve seen a lot of different teams, projects and environments. I’ve been part of teams where everybody was frustrated and mad. People didn’t enjoy their work at all. And the results were mostly poor.

Then I’ve also been part of thriving teams where everybody enjoyed their work, the team was productive and the results were to everybody’s satisfaction.

The difference was hardly ever people’s intelligence or education. The difference was whether the team had a functioning process.

During my time in the software business, I’ve taken all kinds of roles. I’ve learned what makes teams thrive, and what destroys a team’s performance and how much they enjoy their work. I can understand many different situations, different people and different roles. That’s what I want to offer to your software development project!

I want your team to grow, thrive, be productive and the people to enjoy their work as well.

Services I can offer

Agile Transformation: Scrum Master or Agile Coach                                             

Many companies have tried agile software development, but things ended in chaos, because they didn’t know what agile software development really means or how to implement agile methodologies in a productive way. Scrum was sometimes partly implemented, but had no real effect on the organization, because it wasn’t fully understood. As certified Scrum Master,

I can help you as Scrum Master or Agile Coach and help your organization use agile methodologies in a way that makes your organization much more efficient and productive.

Process optimization

Many teams are stuck in endless meetings, endless discussions and endless circles of trying to make the same decisions over and over again.

I can help you define clear responsibilities and accountability so that the right people can actually make the right decisions and your whole project can move forward again.

Product Management / Project and Budget Planning

Many projects succeed or fail due to the product management. This includes planning, budgeting, resource management, roadmaps, monitoring, defining expectations and responsibilities, etc.

I can help either by taking over this role or by supporting your product manager to become more productive.

Requirement Engineering and/or Product Owner

Projects often consume a lot of unnecessary time and budget because of unclear and constantly changing requirements and ideas. Everybody feels like we’re always running in circles.

I can help you move from “an overall idea for the software” to specific requirements that developers can understand and put into software.

Team Culture or Company culture

Many teams or companies are caught in infights and hidden personal agendas. No matter what the CEO or team leader says, it seems impossible to get everyone on the same page. Maybe it feels like there's always someone who turns the attention of the whole team into a different direction and distracts everyone from what you want the team to focus on.

If you need help getting everybody on the same page, focusing on the same goals or stop undermining your agenda, then I can support you. This can mean transforming a small team or an entire company.

Project Team Lead

Developers need the right type of leadership who gives them clear instructions and what is expected of them. They also need a someone who protects them from all kinds of distractions around them.

I can help your team focus on what they are supposed to do.

System Architecture

Many software projects start with a small vision. As a result, developers don’t think about growth, long-term goals or “what might be coming in the future”.

I can help you set up an architecture for your software that will meet your short-term goals, but also allow you to grow and expand your product in the future.

Hiring the right people

Have you ever hired a person and then regretted your pick three months later? I can help you find the right person who really fits to your team, without "trial and error"



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